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3 Reasons You Should Never Get Married in Your Twenties

Are you in your twenties and thinking of getting married? If so, you're part of a shrinking group of men. Current trends in North America reveal that men are waiting longer and longer before getting married.

A study of men in the US, for example, shows that the average age a man first marries has increased from 26 to 29 between 1990 and 2010. This is a positive trend and one that will surely continue. 

But, why should men wait longer to get married? What's the benefit?


Three reasons NOT to get married in your twenties

3.  Personalities change drastically in their twenties

People change, often dramatically, in their twenties. This is obvious to everyone that has already lived through their twenties. But, this is something that most twenty somethings do not understand.

The fact of the matter is this: People change in significant ways in their twenties and even early thirties. Priorities shift, preferences morph, and what you want to do with your life at 20 may be completely different than what you want at 30.

The odds are, for a couple that ties the knot in their twenties, that they will develop a  “deal-breaker”  before turning 30.

She may decide that he isn’t exciting or successful enough.

He may decide that he doesn’t ever want to have children (but she does want children).

She may decide that she will never leave her hometown even though they previously agreed to it.

This is why multiple deal breakers pop up. They always do.

And these deal breakers lead to divorce or a frustrating, loveless, sexless existence.


2.  Your odds of divorce decrease if you wait until your thirties to marry

That’s right. Waiting to marry lowers the probability of divorce. A recent study indicated that 32 was the best age to walk down the aisle. This is the age where your chance of getting divorced is lowest.

In addition, a different study that examined marriage data found that 45-49 was the sweet spot for settling down.

Even though these studies disagree on the perfect age to wed, they both agree on the wrong time to tie the knot. Both studies point to the fact that men shouldn't marry too young. Men that marry in their teens and twenties have the highest rates of divorce.


1.  Getting married in your twenties will stop you from reaching your potential

This is the number one reason you shouldn't marry anyone in your twenties.

A man needs to do a lot of work in his twenties to set himself up for success down the road. These are some of the most critical years. Therefore, a man should be investing all his efforts into himself because. This is because the ROI (Return on Investment) on these investments is the highest it will ever be. He should be focusing on his career, his health, and his purpose in life.

Marriage requires constant work and attention. This always detracts from a man’s other equally important pursuits. A married man is continuously choosing between spending time with his wife (and maybe kids), and doing what he knows he should for his work and his health. Consequently, the man that chooses his work and health over his bride, even once, will live to regret it... because she will make him regret it (more on this here). 

And why voluntarily put yourself into this no-win situation?

If you’re absolutely positive you want to marry someone... for the love of god... don’t do it in your twenties - waiting has so many benefits.

(More discussion of the right way to reach your goals here.) 

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