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Life is too short.

You only get so much time on this planet and you want to make the most of it. Like most men, you want to be a success.

Unfortunately, life has many potential pitfalls to traverse. Your ultimate success depends on how you approach those challenges. A major mistake made in your twenties or thirties may drag you down for the rest of your life. You must be smart in how you approach these pitfalls if you want to live up to your potential.

But how?

Life's Biggest Pitfalls

The way I see it, modern life for a man has four major challenges that present potential pitfalls.

The four challenges are health, education, work, and women.

Men make mistakes in these areas too often. Look around you. You surely have friends that under-performed in school, chose the wrong major in college, got out of shape, got into the wrong career field, or married the wrong woman.

Those are all costly mistakes. They rob you of your finite resources – time being the most important one of all.

But, why do so many men struggle in these areas? I believe the answer lies in how men approach these life challenges. Men learn about the four challenges and approach them in three different ways: 1) through personal experience, 2) by following the status quo, and 3) by using mentors.

All men use some combination of the three ways mentioned above. And, this leads to lackluster results in most cases. You see, most people simply follow the status quo and wade into these challenges, assuming that they will learn through trial and error (experience). The pitfalls associated with these challenges make that strategy a poor choice – there is too much risk.


The most underused method, and the one I advocate the most for, is using a mentor. Mentors are the secret sauce that successful people have been using since the dawn of time. And the reasons for this are fairly obvious – people that have achieved the kind of success you want to achieve can give you the guidance you need to achieve similar results.

You will need more than one mentor at any given time throughout your life. You want mentors with expertise in the four challenges we described above, but it's rare for one man to excel in all of those areas. And besides, it’s best to get the opinions and expertise of multiple people. There is no single correct way to approach the four areas – you may get one possible approach from one man, and another entirely workable approach from another man.

Our Goal

Why are we here?

We exist to help men reach their potential.

How do we do this?

We do this by refuting the bad advice out there and providing advice that works.

We also do this by sharing lessons learned with one another and using that knowledge to make the right choices in our own life.

How do we define success?

Success is measured in the positive outcomes from the members of our community.

It's also measured by the negative outcomes we help our community avoid.

What you should do next

Start by reading the articles in our Mission category.

Then, familiarize yourself with our articles on Health, Education, Work, and Women.

Finally, all this only works with your participation.

Share this site with your friends. Post comments, ask questions, and send me an email directly if you have an article topic request.

Anthony Paul


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