Men are not Human Beings

“Men are not human beings, they are human doings.” – Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

Society judges a man based upon what he “does”. His profession and his ability to provide for others defines his worth.

If he has a high-paying job, society considers him a valuable man – so long as he is willing to give his resources to others. Don’t you dare be a successful bachelor that wishes to remain a bachelor.

Society socializes men from birth to internalize this thought process about themselves. This is why men so often identify as their profession. And, if a man is unable to attain a high-status job, he’s taught to risk his personal safety in order to secure resources for others. This latter type of man works a dangerous (or otherwise undesirable) job to make enough money to provide for his family. This is his other option to feel like a “good man” according to society’s standards.

So, what’s the problem with this paradigm?

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Men are the Shallow Sex?

Men are incredibly shallow when they evaluate a woman as a potential mate. All they care about is how hot she is, what kind of car she drives, and how much money she makes. In fact, men view 80% of the women that approach them as “creepy” simply because they aren’t attractive enough.

This whole scenario is totally unfair to women!

Are you done laughing yet? If you’ve spent any time dating as an adult, you know the above isn’t true. Men are several orders of magnitude less shallow than women when it comes to evaluating potential mates. They're able to do what women are statistically unlikely to do: look beyond the surface. You know... not be shallow.

So, why is it that men are portrayed as being totally shallow?

We’ll explore why society pushes that false narrative, but first, we’ll look at some data to back up the assertion that women are truly the shallowest.

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Veterans are not Disposable

What’s your opinion of US veterans – are they patriots that deserve respect, or a disposable resource?

It may surprise you, but some people believe veterans are just men that had few life choices and only joined the military because they couldn’t hack it in college. It’s true - some people feel that way.

I never wanted to believe that any of my fellow Americans really believed that, but one day I heard a female friend casually verbalize this sentiment in a college classroom. I’ll give the backstory on this shortly, but let me say this first – veterans are not disposable.

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Should You Remain Friends After a Breakup?

After any breakup, there is always a question of whether or not you should remain friends with your ex. And what you do in these situations is important. Your choices affect how your ex views you and how other people view you. It also affects your future options. You need to be decisive during and after a breakup.

Do you know the correct answer here?
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The Thirsty Facebook Orbiter

The Facebook orbiter is the most pathetic man on the internet.

I know that’s a bold claim, but I’ll prove my point in this article. What’s so pathetic about the thirsty Facebook orbiter? They orbit in an attempt to attract a woman, but their orbiting behavior actually repels all women – it’s totally self-defeating behavior. Orbiting has never been a successful method to attract women and it never will be.

These orbiters attempt to form a romantic connection with a woman that is usually totally unaware of his existence. He thinks liking her pic and leaving a thirsty comment is a legitimate way to flirt. Why would a man shower attention on a woman that doesn’t even know he exists? This shotgun approach is misguided at best. It's pathetic and cringeworthy at worst.

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3 Reasons You Should Never Get Married in Your Twenties

Are you in your twenties and thinking of getting married? If so, you're part of a shrinking group of men. Current trends in North America reveal that men are waiting longer and longer before getting married.

A study of men in the US, for example, shows that the average age a man first marries has increased from 26 to 29 between 1990 and 2010. This is a positive trend and one that will surely continue. 

But, why should men wait longer to get married? What's the benefit?

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch the NFL

American men love watching football. A few years ago, almost three quarters of American men watched NFL football. And the amount of time spent watching football per week is significant with 60% of male football viewers spending five hours or less per week watching football and 27% of viewers spending between six and ten hours per week watching football. The remaining 13% are spending eleven or more hours per week in front of the tube. These figures do not include the time spent watching football related infotainment or the time spent playing fantasy football.

Most NFL fans are quite proud of “their team” and faithfully watch games, tailgate, and buy merchandise. There was a time when I was one of those guys spending my time and money watching football. I played football in high school and I started watching the NFL more when I finished playing. It was a kind of way to stay connected to the sport. But here’s the thing: all that time and money spent on the NFL is a total waste. There is no way to justify the time and money spent on watching the NFL. Don’t believe me? Here are my top five reasons you shouldn’t be watching the NFL.

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Why You Need to Play Politics at Work

A man should focus solely on doing his job and forget all the back-office politics at work. Your boss is intelligent enough to see the value you’re providing – he will promote you over someone that isn’t as productive as you. I’ve heard this type of thinking regurgitated from superiors and peers my entire working life. The message is so intuitive, simple, and egalitarian that it must be true.

But, is it true?

What kind of results will this philosophy get you?

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Should You Make a Woman the Center of Your World?

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. How do I know? Society says so. Therefore, you should find yourself a woman and give her your undivided attention.

You should provide for her.

And, make her happy.

She will make your house a home and help you go further in life than you ever could on your own. The support of a good woman is so important to a man that he should do everything in his power to attract a woman and keep her happy; his success and happiness depend on it after all.

This is what people say, but is there even an ounce of truth in it?

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