Get a Degree in Whatever You Want! The Money Will Follow

"Follow your passion! Major in whatever you want - just get a degree."

My seventh grade teacher told me this. 

In high school, my teachers said similar things, but more frequently. As an undergraduate student, professors, classmates, and family repeated this line of thinking incessantly. Why do people say this?

Teachers (and many others) repeat this line of thinking to people every day. They've done so for the past few decades all across America and we now see the results of this indoctrination – millions of students have a degree related to their "passion" and now they're living the dream. These graduates all obtained amazing and rewarding jobs, and they now earn tons of money.

 The only problem is… it’s not true.
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Should You Skip the Gym Since Your Genetics Determine Everything?

Why waste your precious time in the gym? You’re either blessed with a good body or you’re not. No amount of time spent working out can overcome bad genes!

I’ve heard this excuse (or something similar) from so many people. In fact, there is now an entire movement of people that reject the notion of working out on the basis that they were born with “bad” genes, and they will never be able to outwork the bad genetic hand they were dealt. Instead of trying to self-improve, these people want society at large to alter what they perceive as healthy and attractive.

This is absolute rubbish.

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Men, Why Aren’t You Reaching Your Goals?

Men are naturally ambitious — they strive to succeed in whatever they do. So, why are men today having such difficulty being successful in their pursuits? Men are struggling more and more to find success with women, work, and even their health. Increasing rates of divorce, under representation in colleges across the nation, and ever-increasing obesity rates all point to men struggling to succeed.

But, why?

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