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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch the NFL

American men love watching football. A few years ago, almost three quarters of American men watched NFL football. And the amount of time spent watching football per week is significant with 60% of male football viewers spending five hours or less per week watching football and 27% of viewers spending between six and ten hours per week watching football. The remaining 13% are spending eleven or more hours per week in front of the tube. These figures do not include the time spent watching football related infotainment or the time spent playing fantasy football.

Most NFL fans are quite proud of “their team” and faithfully watch games, tailgate, and buy merchandise. There was a time when I was one of those guys spending my time and money watching football. I played football in high school and I started watching the NFL more when I finished playing. It was a kind of way to stay connected to the sport. But here’s the thing: all that time and money spent on the NFL is a total waste. There is no way to justify the time and money spent on watching the NFL. Don’t believe me? Here are my top five reasons you shouldn’t be watching the NFL.

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Should You Skip the Gym Since Your Genetics Determine Everything?

Why waste your precious time in the gym? You’re either blessed with a good body or you’re not. No amount of time spent working out can overcome bad genes!

I’ve heard this excuse (or something similar) from so many people. In fact, there is now an entire movement of people that reject the notion of working out on the basis that they were born with “bad” genes, and they will never be able to outwork the bad genetic hand they were dealt. Instead of trying to self-improve, these people want society at large to alter what they perceive as healthy and attractive.

This is absolute rubbish.

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