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Veterans are not Disposable

What’s your opinion of US veterans – are they patriots that deserve respect, or a disposable resource?

It may surprise you, but some people believe veterans are just men that had few life choices and only joined the military because they couldn’t hack it in college. It’s true - some people feel that way.

I never wanted to believe that any of my fellow Americans really believed that, but one day I heard a female friend casually verbalize this sentiment in a college classroom. I’ll give the backstory on this shortly, but let me say this first – veterans are not disposable.

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Men, Why Aren’t You Reaching Your Goals?

Men are naturally ambitious — they strive to succeed in whatever they do. So, why are men today having such difficulty being successful in their pursuits? Men are struggling more and more to find success with women, work, and even their health. Increasing rates of divorce, under representation in colleges across the nation, and ever-increasing obesity rates all point to men struggling to succeed.

But, why?

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