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Men are not Human Beings

“Men are not human beings, they are human doings.” – Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

Society judges a man based upon what he “does”. His profession and his ability to provide for others defines his worth.

If he has a high-paying job, society considers him a valuable man – so long as he is willing to give his resources to others. Don’t you dare be a successful bachelor that wishes to remain a bachelor.

Society socializes men from birth to internalize this thought process about themselves. This is why men so often identify as their profession. And, if a man is unable to attain a high-status job, he’s taught to risk his personal safety in order to secure resources for others. This latter type of man works a dangerous (or otherwise undesirable) job to make enough money to provide for his family. This is his other option to feel like a “good man” according to society’s standards.

So, what’s the problem with this paradigm?

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Why You Need to Play Politics at Work

A man should focus solely on doing his job and forget all the back-office politics at work. Your boss is intelligent enough to see the value you’re providing – he will promote you over someone that isn’t as productive as you. I’ve heard this type of thinking regurgitated from superiors and peers my entire working life. The message is so intuitive, simple, and egalitarian that it must be true.

But, is it true?

What kind of results will this philosophy get you?

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