Men are the Shallow Sex?

Men are incredibly shallow when they evaluate a woman as a potential mate. All they care about is how hot she is, what kind of car she drives, and how much money she makes. In fact, men view 80% of the women that approach them as “creepy” simply because they aren’t attractive enough.

This whole scenario is totally unfair to women!

Are you done laughing yet? If you’ve spent any time dating as an adult, you know the above isn’t true. Men are several orders of magnitude less shallow than women when it comes to evaluating potential mates. They're able to do what women are statistically unlikely to do: look beyond the surface. You know... not be shallow.

So, why is it that men are portrayed as being totally shallow?

We’ll explore why society pushes that false narrative, but first, we’ll look at some data to back up the assertion that women are truly the shallowest.


Female evaluation: Yes, he has a six pack, but he's also a ginger - No way! I deserve better.

A popular dating website conducted a large study to determine how men and women rate each other in terms of attractiveness. The results were insane.

Well, they were insane if you believe everything you’re told about the shallowness of men.

When the researchers looked at how men rate women on the website, they observed exactly what you’d expect. On a scale of one to five, with one being least attractive and five being most attractive, the majority of women were rated by men as two and a half. This means men rate the average woman as average.

The results also followed a normal distribution – the data looked like a perfect bell curve.

How women rated men

Things got irrational when we looked at how females rated men. What we have is almost a bell curve, but it’s shifted way to the left with the majority of men rated as less than average looking.

In fact, over eighty percent of men were below average according to women!

This completely irrational behavior is consistent with other trends we see today. One of these trends is the “man drought”. Women are complaining of a man drought because they claim there aren’t enough high-quality men in the dating pool.

Well, this problem may have something to do with the fact that they view eighty percent of men as less attractive than average.

Female perspective: He has good hair, but he's under six feet tall... gross!

Society also tells these women not to “settle” for anything less than they “deserve”.

Today’s woman thinks she deserves a man over six feet tall, with a college degree, a nice car, a high-paying job, and a large home. Oh yeah, and he needs to be attractive by her standards.

That group of men I just described represents maybe one percent of the population.

So, yeah… there’s definitely a man drought when most women are competing for one percent of all men.

Why are we constantly told that men are the shallow sex?

Society pushes a narrative that men are incredibly shallow compared to women. All men care about is what a woman looks like!

But, as we discussed above, women are even more concerned with looks than men. And, they have a laundry list of deal-breakers for men that men don’t have for women.

So, why are we told that men are shallow when all available evidence points to the opposite conclusion?

This false narrative is pushed because it makes the manipulation of men that much easier. If we raise men to believe that women are virtuous, and men are shallow, it becomes much easier to shame and control a man. 

Society can shame a man when he rejects a woman because she is unattractive, unemployed, and unintelligent. “You’re so shallow”, they squeal. 

Why won’t you give her a chance? You’re just like every other chauvinist male.

Female perspective: Super hot, but he drives a Dodge. No way! I don't have to settle.

The message here is that a man shouldn’t have standards for the woman he will date.

A man should be attracted to a woman regardless of what she looks like and what she’s done.

You know – the exact opposite of how women evaluate men.

This follows a societal trend of holding men to impossible standards, and then shaming them for having any standards for others.

In this modern world, men must compete for the affections of women, and women should be able to attract a top one percent man by simply existing. Cuz, you know... they deserve it...

What do you think? Are men more shallow then women?

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