Is the “Mike Pence Rule” Rational?

Mike Pence has been demonized for his own code of ethics regarding spending time with women other than his wife.

In case you’re unfamiliar with his rule, here’s a summary:

He won’t have lunch or dinner alone with any woman other than his wife.

Is this crazy? Is it sexist?


No and no.

In light of recent witch hunts, attacking men for even the smallest of infractions, his rule is the perfect way for a man to protect himself against frivolous accusations. The recent case of Aziz Ansari, involving a frivolous and ridiculous accusation, is a case in point of why men must protect themselves and their reputations from unscrupulous women.

And, as we see in his case, even when a woman pursues you sexually, she may decide arbitrarily that your consensual sexual activity was actually a criminal act.

In today’s lynch mob mentality, women are openly attacking and making accusations against men while encouraging others to destroy these men’s lives. This is not dissimilar to what many American women did years ago – making false statements against black men, which resulted in those men being lynched by a mob of angry men.

The same hysteria is alive and well today.

The case of Aziz Ansari is just ridiculous 

Aziz Ansari in tux

A woman calling herself Grace pursued Aziz romantically. The "Mike Pence rule" was written for women like Grace. She's the type of woman who categorizes normal behavior as sexual assault or sexual harassment. But, more on that later.

Aziz wasn’t initially interested in Grace, but decided to give her his number anyway. They exchanged text messages and agreed to go out for drinks some time. 

They eventually went on this date and, after a few drinks, he invited her back to his place. This was for obvious reasons – no one is naive enough to believe this wasn’t an invitation for sexual activity.

She gladly went back to his place where she got naked and performed multiple sex acts on him.

In normal fashion, when a woman doesn’t want to appear to be a slut, she withdraws at various points of the rendezvous and says something like, “let’s slow down”.  He stops sexual activity whenever she asks him to.

This is all pretty standard stuff for an awkward sexual encounter involving a very loose woman attempting to not appear to be a really loose woman.

The big problem here is that she goes home and starts ruminating on the events that transpired on that date.

Two things go on in her mind

1) She realizes she acted like a slut. This is true, but it's not uncommon. She has surely done this many times before.

And, 2) she wasn’t satisfied sexually with his performance. His technique didn’t do anything for her. In her mind, this makes him a creepy man that needs to be destroyed personally and professionally. Remember, this is a woman that pursued him. She wanted to date him. She chose to drink with him and go back to his apartment and get naked with him.

She regrets her choices in retrospect, and in her mind, this makes him guilty of sexual assault.

Aziz hasn’t been charged with any crimes, mostly because he hasn’t committed a crime.

But, the lynch mob of social justice warriors is out to destroy him. He gets no trial; he only gets smeared all over the internet.

This will undoubtedly lead to him losing many opportunities. He will likely lose millions of dollars in lost acting roles and comedy specials. He will also be viewed by millions of women as a sexual deviant and predator.

I’m sure he now regrets ever giving “Grace” his number.

So, in light of the new lynch mob mentality and women that make up their own definitions of sexual assault and harassment, the "Mike Pence rule" should be every man’s rule. 

A man can only control his own actions. He cannot control the perceptions of the women he interacts with. If a man spends time alone with a woman, he is at her complete mercy. She may rally the lynch mob for any perceived infraction she feels he commits. 

In a professional environment, the only way to protect yourself is to not be alone with a woman.

This isn’t sexism – this is survival.

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